Welcome to iHOPE®

Across the globe people hope to lose weight, win the lottery, find happiness, have a healthy baby, locate a loss object or a loved one; some are hoping for a new kidney and others hope to spend eternity with God. Whether your hope is for a mate, a new beginning, or a miracle, there is an answer in the universe waiting to be uploaded to the desktop of those with a hope.

Within the IHOPE Network there are different categories to express your hope for a relationship, healing employment, education or finance. Join an existing forum today; blog your hope or post on the community blackboard how a hope of yours was fulfilled. Create a specialty group and invite friends to join in on the discussion, receive input and obtain inspiration from others with a similar hope, announce an upcoming event, upload videos, music, photos, or play a challenging arcade game; if you are daring cast anonymously a date bait line to a member within the iHope community.

IHOPE™ cards, cologne and perfumes are available for purchase to attract that which you are hoping for.

I hope that everything that you are hoping for is materialized.

Renee D Charles, Ph.D., LCSW-R, CPC
Founder and CEO


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